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How it works

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Virtual Care

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Virtual Consult

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3 reasons to choose us


Dr Matthew El-azzi leads the iconic smiles team, and is a platinum elite Invisalign provider as well as a digital smile design provider. The end results are beautiful smiles that suit the overall facial features.


Amongst an inundation of training from all over the world, he strives to continually stay at the forefront of techniques and innovation so that you always receive cutting edge treatment. 


Iconic smiles is a fully digital practice that incorporates the latest technology from all over the world. From your consultation to your treatment, iconic smiles is equiped to ensure your treatment is cutting edge.


Our team are dedicated to delivering a dental experience that's second to none.

We will go to extreme lengths to ensure you walk away with a healthy, radiant smile.

See why our patients are smiling!

How it works

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Lifestyle Friendly


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Continue to eat the foods you enjoy

Removable for special occasions

Continue your oral health routine to maintain healthy teeth and gums

Fewer dental visits

What makes a beautiful smile?

55% of adult patients feel self-conscious about their teeth

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How many appointments does it take?

Invisalign treatment varies based on the individual needs of your treatment. Appointments are usually every 6 weeks, but with virtual care it can be as little as 3 in office visits.


Virtual Care

Ideal for interstate
patients and those
on a busy schedule.

Reduce in-office
visits to as little as
3 visits!

Invisalign Virtual Care is a solution that allows you to stay virtually connected with your Invisalign provider and helps you stay on track towards your straighter smile. Using My Care on the My Invisalign app, you can share photos with and receive feedback from your doctor, and feel more confident knowing they are overseeing your journey.

How to setup Virtual Care

Step 1
Download the My Invisalign app

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Step 2
Upload photos in the app

How to setup
Virtual Care

Virtual Care FAQs

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