When we ask ourselves:

How will we make someone feel? 

Will we make life better?

We know, its the experience that matters.

This is what we work for.

And it means everything.

COMMitment to quality and care in dentistry

We want all our patients to have natural and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. We are dedicated to providing excellent dentistry from a highly qualified team. 


We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of dental care under the strictest of hygiene conditions.


We are a completely digital practice that stays at the forefront of dental technology. It is only with this, that we can offer true excellence in dentistry.


Meet The Dentist

Dr Matthew El-Azzi began his journey at the University of Sydney, where he graduated with a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. He was awarded the Deans Prize and the GC Australasian Prize for his research on heart regeneration using stem cells derived from the human tongue. Coming from a background in pharmacy and the medical sciences, Dr El-Azzi has dedicated himself to providing holistic dental care for all his patients. Committed to staying at the forefront of education, he has committed himself to multiple advanced courses in dentistry, including the prestigious Master Implant program from the Brener Implant Institute.

Subsequently, Dr El-Azzi obtained a Masters (MSc) in Oral Surgery and Implantology, from Marconi University, offering his patients the cutting edge in implant and periodontal dentistry.

Dr El-Azzi has further advanced his treatments in fine cosmetic dentistry and is a Digital Smile Design (DSD) master clinician and provider. He has particular interests in transforming smiles whilst making restorations appear 'life-like'. 


Whilst passionate about cosmetic dentistry, his treatment philosophy is based on achieving lasting results.   

Dr El-Azzi is passionate about dental volunteering and is an active visitor of the Philippines and Vanuatu, where he assists in removing hundreds of teeth in underpriveledged communities.


A huge thank you to Dr Matthew El-Azzi and the staff who saved my smile. You went above and beyond to help get me off on the next stage of my travels with a beautifully crafted bridge. My UK dentist will be very jealous of your expertise. 


Thank you so much for saving me. No pain no swelling. Was back at work last night. Way better than I actually expected. You are truly amazing.


Thank you for going above and beyond with my family. You never seem to let us down and I'm forever grateful for it. Appreciate it so much. You were born to be a dentist.